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21AerosmithSunshine3/22/20176:57:12 AM
21@littlesteven_UG#LSUG3/22/20176:56:43 AM
21Marvin GayeCome Get To This3/22/20176:54:12 AM
21Buffalo SpringfieldExpecting To Fly3/22/20176:50:33 AM
21@littlesteven_UG#LSUG3/22/20176:50:23 AM
21Frank SinatraThis Town3/22/20176:47:23 AM
21@littlesteven_UG#LSUG3/22/20176:46:54 AM
21The ParagonsAbba3/22/20176:43:54 AM
21Buddy KnoxParty Doll3/22/20176:41:46 AM
21Little Steven & The Disciples Of SoSt. Valentine's Day3/22/20176:36:34 AM
21RamonesSwallow My Pride3/22/20176:34:24 AM
21@littlesteven_UG#LSUG3/22/20176:34:13 AM
21Percy SledgeJust Out Of Reach3/22/20176:30:46 AM
21BeatlesAnna (Go To Him)3/22/20176:27:44 AM
21StupidityMove3/22/20176:24:55 AM
21Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesYou Can't Bury Me3/22/20176:20:54 AM
21@littlesteven_UG#LSUG3/22/20176:20:33 AM
21Rolling StonesLove In Vain3/22/20176:16:13 AM
21CowsillsHair3/22/20176:12:55 AM
21@littlesteven_UG#LSUG3/22/20176:12:34 AM
21AtlanticsSurfs Up3/22/20176:09:34 AM
21CakeI Know3/22/20176:07:22 AM
21ByrdsIt's No Use3/22/20176:04:54 AM
21@littlesteven_UG#LSUG3/22/20176:04:44 AM
21ClashJulie's In The Drug Squad3/22/20176:01:44 AM
21Jimmy ReedShame, Shame, Shame3/22/20175:59:02 AM
21@littlesteven_UG#LSUG3/22/20175:58:34 AM
21UrgesEchoes Softly3/22/20175:55:23 AM
21BeatlesDon't Pass Me By3/22/20175:51:44 AM
21DoorsFive To One3/22/20175:47:33 AM
21@littlesteven_UG#LSUG3/22/20175:47:12 AM
21WhoBoris The Spider3/22/20175:44:45 AM
21@littlesteven_UG#LSUG3/22/20175:44:24 AM
21Killer BarbiesHave Some Fun3/22/20175:43:13 AM
21Count FiveYou Must Believe Me3/22/20175:40:23 AM
21Chesterfield KingsSpanish Sun3/22/20175:37:02 AM
21Dave Clark FiveBits and Pieces3/22/20175:35:14 AM
21@littlesteven_UG#LSUG3/22/20175:34:45 AM
21Eric Burdon & The AnimalsSky Pilot3/22/20175:31:34 AM
21Goldie & the GingerbreadsHeadlines3/22/20175:28:02 AM
21@littlesteven_UG#LSUG3/22/20175:27:55 AM
21Elvis CostelloYou Belong to Me3/22/20175:25:44 AM
21Rolling StonesDown Home Girl3/22/20175:21:34 AM
21@littlesteven_UG#LSUG3/22/20175:21:12 AM
21Pretty ThingsJudgement Day3/22/20175:18:34 AM
21Galileo 7Anne Hedonia3/22/20175:15:45 AM
21Temptations(I Know) I'm Losing You3/22/20175:13:23 AM
21@littlesteven_UG#LSUG3/22/20175:13:12 AM
21Nils LofgrenFat Girls Dance3/22/20175:08:44 AM
21Bob DylanPositively 4th Street3/22/20175:04:44 AM

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