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2AJRI'm Ready7/28/20142:24:38 PM
2RixtonMe And My Broken Heart7/28/20142:21:28 PM PM
2Ariana GrandeProblem7/28/20142:18:58 PM
2Wutchuwant PM
2Fall Out BoyYoung Volcanoes7/28/20142:15:37 PM NOW!7/28/20142:15:06 PM
2Flo Rida/SiaWild Ones7/28/20142:11:24 PM
2Sam SmithStay With Me7/28/20142:08:26 PM PM
2Kim CesarionUndressed7/28/20142:04:36 PM
2Capital CitiesOne Minute More7/28/20142:01:00 PM
2Demi Lovato/Cher LloydReally Don't Care7/28/20141:57:38 PM PM
2Iggy Azalea/Charli XCXFancy7/28/20141:54:15 PM
2The Summer SetLightning In A Bottle7/28/20141:50:41 PM
2Wutchuwant PM
2Magic!Rude7/28/20141:47:05 PM
2Rita OraI Will Never Let You Down7/28/20141:43:26 PM
2BleachersI Wanna Get Better7/28/20141:40:04 PM PM
2Nico & VinzAm I Wrong7/28/20141:38:05 PM
25 Seconds of SummerAmnesia7/28/20141:37:45 PM
2Nico & VinzAm I Wrong7/28/20141:36:39 PM
25 Seconds of SummerAmnesia7/28/20141:36:27 PM
2Wutchuwant PM
25 Seconds of SummerAmnesia7/28/20141:32:52 PM
2Wutchuwant PM
2KongosCome With Me Now7/28/20141:29:24 PM
2Calvin HarrisSummer7/28/20141:25:47 PM
2OneRepublicLove Runs Out7/28/20141:22:24 PM
2ChromeoJealous (I Ain't With It)7/28/20141:19:40 PM
2Sam SmithStay With Me7/28/20141:19:27 PM
2ChromeoJealous (I Ain't With It)7/28/20141:18:26 PM
2Sam SmithStay With Me7/28/20141:15:37 PM NOW!7/28/20141:14:58 PM
2Fall Out BoyAlone Together7/28/20141:11:28 PM
2PharrellCome Get It Bae7/28/20141:08:15 PM PM
2Maroon 5Maps7/28/20141:04:48 PM
2Iggy Azalea/Charli XCXFancy7/28/20141:01:38 PM
2X Ambassadors/Jamie N CommonsJungle7/28/201412:59:04 PM
2Justin TimberlakeNot a Bad Thing7/28/201412:58:58 PM
2X Ambassadors/Jamie N CommonsJungle7/28/201412:58:26 PM
2Justin TimberlakeNot a Bad Thing7/28/201412:54:04 PM
2Wutchuwant PM
2Clean BanditRather Be7/28/201412:50:27 PM
2ColdplayA Sky Full Of Stars7/28/201412:46:49 PM
2Wutchuwant PM
25 Seconds of SummerShe Looks So Perfect7/28/201412:44:01 PM

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