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19Elvis PresleyI Want To Be Free (57)10/27/201911:58:43 PM
19Elvis PresleyPower Of My Love10/27/201911:57:12 PM
19Elvis PresleyBossa Nova Baby10/27/201911:54:32 PM
19Elvis PresleyTiger Man [(Second Rehearsal) (Live10/27/201911:52:01 PM
776Elvis PresleyI'll Be Home For Christmas10/27/201911:50:02 PM
19Elvis PresleyI've Lost You (70)10/27/201911:48:01 PM
19Elvis PresleyHard Headed Woman (57)10/27/201911:45:11 PM
19Elvis PresleyI Got Stung (58)10/27/201911:43:52 PM
19Elvis PresleyThat's When Your Heartaches Begin10/27/201911:40:01 PM
19Elvis PresleyGirl Happy (65)10/27/201911:36:52 PM
19Elvis Presley/Royal Philharmonic OrAnd the Grass Won't Pay No Mind (1510/27/201911:34:12 PM
703Elvis PresleyTeddy Bear (57)10/27/201911:29:42 PM
19Elvis Presley/Royal Philharmonic OrIf I Can Dream10/27/201911:29:01 PM
19Elvis PresleySuspicious Minds10/27/201911:20:21 PM
19Elvis PresleyShe's Not You (62)10/27/201911:18:52 PM
19Elvis PresleyIn The Ghetto10/27/201911:15:22 PM
19Elvis PresleyWhat'd I Say10/27/201911:08:31 PM
19Elvis PresleySuspicious Minds10/27/201911:01:11 PM
7Elvis PresleyMy Way (77)10/27/201911:00:02 PM
7Elvis PresleyMy Way (77)10/27/201910:59:31 PM
19Elvis PresleyIn The Ghetto10/27/201910:58:41 PM
7Elvis PresleyMy Way (77)10/27/201910:57:11 PM
19Elvis PresleyIntroductions10/27/201910:57:11 PM
7Elvis PresleyMy Way (77)10/27/201910:56:01 PM
19Elvis PresleyMedley: Yesterday / Hey Jude10/27/201910:52:11 PM
19Elvis PresleyAre You Lonesome Tonight?10/27/201910:50:11 PM
19Elvis PresleyRunaway10/27/201910:46:11 PM
19Elvis PresleyBaby, What You Want Me To Do10/27/201910:43:42 PM
19Elvis PresleyMonologue (lifestory)10/27/201910:34:52 PM
19Elvis PresleyMedley: Mystery Train / Tiger Man10/27/201910:29:32 PM
19Elvis PresleyMemories10/27/201910:26:41 PM
19Elvis PresleyHound Dog10/27/201910:23:52 PM
19Elvis PresleyHeartbreak Hotel10/27/201910:18:41 PM
19Elvis PresleyMedley: Jailhouse Rock / Don't Be C10/27/201910:16:21 PM
19Elvis PresleyLove Me Tender10/27/201910:14:11 PM
19Elvis PresleyAll Shook Up10/27/201910:11:22 PM
19Elvis PresleyI Got A Woman10/27/201910:06:32 PM
776Elvis PresleyMerry Christmas, Baby10/27/20199:58:21 PM
704Elvis PresleyBurning Love10/27/20199:27:21 PM
776Elvis PresleyO Little Town Of Bethlehem10/27/20199:17:22 PM
19Elvis PresleyHurt10/27/20199:17:22 PM
776Elvis PresleyO Little Town Of Bethlehem10/27/20198:49:42 PM
19Elvis PresleyHurt10/27/20198:49:42 PM
19Elvis PresleyToo Much Monkey Business10/27/20198:44:12 PM
775Elvis PresleySanta Bring My Baby Back (To Me)10/27/20198:25:11 PM
19Elvis PresleyThe Fair's Moving On10/27/20198:25:11 PM
19Elvis PresleyShe Wears My Ring [Take 8]10/27/20198:22:01 PM
19Elvis PresleyThe Fair's Moving On10/27/20198:20:22 PM
19Elvis PresleyShe Wears My Ring [Take 8]10/27/20198:07:01 PM
19Elvis PresleyThe Fair's Moving On10/27/20198:04:12 PM

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