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12NYs #1 Hit MusicZ1002/7/20167:40:47 AM
12Selena GomezSame Old Love2/7/20167:37:13 AM
12NYs #1 Hit MusicZ1002/7/20167:36:02 AM
12LumineersHo Hey2/7/20167:34:35 AM
12NYs #1 Hit MusicZ1002/7/20167:33:13 AM
12Mardi Grad RadioStarts Today2/7/20167:31:00 AM
12Super Bowl RadioSirius 145 XM 2072/7/20167:30:26 AM
12NYs #1 Hit MusicZ1002/7/20166:59:02 AM
12Macklemore & Ryan Lewis / Mary LSame Love2/7/20166:57:03 AM
12NYs #1 Hit MusicZ1002/7/20166:54:24 AM
12Chainsmokers / RozesRoses2/7/20166:51:36 AM
12NYs #1 Hit MusicZ1002/7/20166:51:13 AM
12Ellie GouldingOn My Mind2/7/20166:48:02 AM
12NYs #1 Hit MusicZ1002/7/20166:47:47 AM
12Tori Kelly / Big SeanHollow2/7/20166:44:35 AM
12NYs #1 Hit MusicZ1002/7/20166:44:24 AM
12Twenty One PilotsStressed Out2/7/20166:41:13 AM
12NYs #1 Hit MusicZ1002/7/20166:38:47 AM
12Super Bowl 50NFL Radio | Ch882/7/20166:36:57 AM
12Sports Anthems02/7/20166:36:24 AM
12NYs #1 Hit MusicZ1002/7/20166:35:57 AM
12Charlie Puth / TygaOne Call Away2/7/20166:33:02 AM
12NYs #1 Hit MusicZ1002/7/20166:32:47 AM
12Jason DeruloWant To Want Me2/7/20166:29:35 AM
12NYs #1 Hit MusicZ1002/7/20166:29:24 AM
12Dj Snake / Bipolar SunshineMiddle2/7/20166:26:02 AM
12NYs #1 Hit MusicZ1002/7/20166:25:57 AM
12AdeleHello2/7/20166:21:59 AM
12NYs #1 Hit MusicZ1002/7/20166:21:36 AM
12Taylor SwiftOut Of The Woods2/7/20166:17:57 AM
12NYs #1 Hit MusicZ1002/7/20166:17:46 AM
12The WeekndThe Hills2/7/20166:13:57 AM
12NYs #1 Hit MusicZ1002/7/20166:13:46 AM
12Mike PosnerI Took A Pill In Ibiza2/7/20166:10:46 AM
12NYs #1 Hit MusicZ1002/7/20166:10:35 AM
12Rachel PlattenStand By You2/7/20166:07:13 AM
12NYs #1 Hit MusicZ1002/7/20166:07:02 AM
12Rihanna / DrakeWork2/7/20166:03:46 AM
12NYs #1 Hit MusicZ1002/7/20166:03:12 AM
12Bruno MarsGrenade2/7/20166:01:57 AM
12NYs #1 Hit MusicZ1002/7/20166:01:02 AM
12Shawn MendesStitches2/7/20165:57:58 AM
12NYs #1 Hit MusicZ1002/7/20165:57:47 AM
12Fall Out BoyThnks Fr Th Mmrs2/7/20165:54:35 AM
12NYs #1 Hit MusicZ1002/7/20165:54:24 AM
12Justin BieberSorry2/7/20165:51:13 AM
12NYs #1 Hit MusicZ1002/7/20165:50:57 AM
12Kygo / Parson JamesStole The Show2/7/20165:47:25 AM
12NYs #1 Hit MusicZ1002/7/20165:47:03 AM
12Shawn MendesStitches2/7/20165:43:58 AM

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