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12Z100NY's#1 Hit Music8/22/20147:42:49 AM
12ColdplayA Sky Full Of Stars8/22/20147:40:26 AM
12Mariah CareyShake It Off8/22/20147:39:03 AM
12Mariah CareyShake It Off8/22/20147:39:03 AM
12Z100NY's#1 Hit Music8/22/20147:34:02 AM
12Z100/NYZ100/NY8/22/20147:34:00 AM
12Z100NY's#1 Hit Music8/22/20147:26:40 AM
12Robin ThickeStill Madly Crazy8/22/20147:24:02 AM
12Katy Perry / Juicy JDark Horse8/22/20147:23:58 AM
12Z100NY's#1 Hit Music8/22/20147:20:02 AM
12Stars and Kids Place LiveAll Week Long8/22/20147:19:15 AM
12SiriusXM NASCAR RadioTomorrow, 6 30pm ET8/22/20147:18:36 AM
12Z100NY's#1 Hit Music8/22/20147:02:13 AM
12Charli XcxBoom Clap8/22/20147:00:28 AM
12FergieLondon Bridge8/22/20146:58:48 AM
12Z100NY's#1 Hit Music8/22/20146:54:47 AM
12Z100/NYZ100/NY8/22/20146:54:24 AM
12Z100NY's#1 Hit Music8/22/20146:38:13 AM
12Disclosure / Sam SmithLatch8/22/20146:35:14 AM
12Mariah CareyShake It Off8/22/20146:34:13 AM
12Z100NY's#1 Hit Music8/22/20146:29:49 AM
12MadhouseLike A Prayer8/22/20146:20:50 AM
12Z100NY's#1 Hit Music8/22/20146:16:49 AM
12Comedy Central RadioTuesday, 6pm ET8/22/20146:15:57 AM
12SiriusXM FC 94Tomorrow, 3pm ET8/22/20146:15:22 AM
12Z100NY's#1 Hit Music8/22/20146:00:03 AM
12Swedish House MafiaDon't You Worry Child8/22/20145:59:49 AM
12Z100NY's#1 Hit Music8/22/20145:56:25 AM
12Nico & VinzAm I Wrong8/22/20145:56:14 AM
12Z100NY's#1 Hit Music8/22/20145:37:28 AM
12KieszaHideaway8/22/20145:33:13 AM
12Demi Lovato / Cher LloydReally Don't Care8/22/20145:29:36 AM
12Z100NY's#1 Hit Music8/22/20145:29:13 AM
12SiaChandelier8/22/20145:25:37 AM
12Z100NY's#1 Hit Music8/22/20145:24:13 AM
12Ariana GrandeProblem8/22/20145:21:24 AM
12Z100NY's#1 Hit Music8/22/20145:19:25 AM
12EW Radio 105All Week Long8/22/20145:17:59 AM
12Y2KountryChannel 578/22/20145:17:26 AM
12Z100NY's#1 Hit Music8/22/20145:11:37 AM
12MktoClassic8/22/20145:08:47 AM
12Z100NY's#1 Hit Music8/22/20145:08:36 AM
12Ariana Grande / ZeddBreak Free8/22/20145:05:02 AM
12Ariana Grande / ZeddBreak Free8/22/20145:05:02 AM
12Z100NY's#1 Hit Music8/22/20145:03:00 AM
12Cher Lloyd / Becky GOath8/22/20144:59:24 AM
12Z100/NYZ100/NY8/22/20144:58:58 AM
12Z100NY's#1 Hit Music8/22/20144:54:26 AM
12Taylor SwiftShake It Off8/22/20144:50:48 AM
12Magic!Rude8/22/20144:46:47 AM

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