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12NYs #1 Hit MusicZ1003/27/201511:34:24 AM
12Alt-JMonday, 9pm ET3/27/201511:31:19 AM
12Pitbull GlobalizationComing in May3/27/201511:30:54 AM
12NYs #1 Hit MusicZ1003/27/201511:28:37 AM
12Taylor SwiftStyle3/27/201511:25:04 AM
12Taylor SwiftStyle3/27/201511:25:03 AM
12NYs #1 Hit MusicZ1003/27/201511:24:52 AM
12Zedd / Selena GomezI Want You To Know3/27/201511:21:39 AM
12NYs #1 Hit MusicZ1003/27/201511:21:26 AM
12Ed SheeranThinking Out Loud3/27/201511:17:48 AM
12NYs #1 Hit MusicZ1003/27/201511:17:36 AM
12Pitbull / Ne-YoTime Of Our Lives3/27/201511:13:59 AM
12NYs #1 Hit MusicZ1003/27/201511:13:48 AM
12HozierTake Me To Church3/27/201511:10:01 AM
12NYs #1 Hit MusicZ1003/27/201511:09:50 AM
12Britney SpearsToxic3/27/201511:06:36 AM
12NYs #1 Hit MusicZ1003/27/201511:06:25 AM
12Rihanna / Kanye West / Paul MccaFour Five Seconds3/27/201511:03:41 AM
12NYs #1 Hit MusicZ1003/27/201511:02:51 AM
12Taylor SwiftLove Story3/27/201511:00:54 AM
12NYs #1 Hit MusicZ1003/27/201511:00:42 AM
123oh!3Don't Trust Me3/27/201510:59:13 AM
12NYs #1 Hit MusicZ1003/27/201510:51:27 AM
12Ellie GouldingLove Me Like You Do3/27/201510:47:27 AM
12NYs #1 Hit MusicZ1003/27/201510:47:15 AM
12Mark Ronson / Bruno MarsUptown Funk3/27/201510:43:29 AM
12NYs #1 Hit MusicZ1003/27/201510:43:14 AM
12Natalie La Rose / JeremihSomebody3/27/201510:40:15 AM
12NYs #1 Hit MusicZ1003/27/201510:36:17 AM
12Outsiders RadioTonight, 10om ET3/27/201510:33:27 AM
12Pop2KountdownTomorrow, 11am ET3/27/201510:33:02 AM
12NYs #1 Hit MusicZ1003/27/201510:30:54 AM
12Alesso / Tove LoHeroes3/27/201510:27:38 AM
12NYs #1 Hit MusicZ1003/27/201510:27:15 AM
12Walk The MoonShut Up And Dance3/27/201510:24:15 AM
12NYs #1 Hit MusicZ1003/27/201510:24:00 AM
12Taylor SwiftStyle3/27/201510:20:37 AM
12NYs #1 Hit MusicZ1003/27/201510:20:15 AM
12Rihanna / DrakeWhat's My Name3/27/201510:16:03 AM
12NYs #1 Hit MusicZ1003/27/201510:15:51 AM
12Calvin Harris / Ellie GouldingOutside3/27/201510:12:29 AM
12NYs #1 Hit MusicZ1003/27/201510:12:17 AM
12Ed SheeranThinking Out Loud3/27/201510:08:37 AM
12NYs #1 Hit MusicZ1003/27/201510:08:26 AM
12Lana Del Rey / Cedric GervaisSummertime Sadness3/27/201510:05:06 AM
12NYs #1 Hit MusicZ1003/27/201510:04:25 AM
12David Guetta/SiaTitanium3/27/201510:02:55 AM
12NYs #1 Hit MusicZ1003/27/201510:02:42 AM
12IyazReplay3/27/201510:01:26 AM
12NYs #1 Hit MusicZ1003/27/20159:53:49 AM

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