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12Z100NY's#1 Hit Music10/23/20143:49:51 PM
12Z100/NYZ100/NY10/23/20143:49:39 PM
12Z100NY's#1 Hit Music10/23/20143:49:00 PM
12Gwen StefaniBaby Don't Lie10/23/20143:45:28 PM
12Z100NY's#1 Hit Music10/23/20143:42:02 PM
12Nico & VinzAm I Wrong10/23/20143:41:51 PM
12Ariana Grande / ZeddBreak Free10/23/20143:38:38 PM
12Z100NY's#1 Hit Music10/23/20143:37:25 PM
12ParamoreStill Into You10/23/20143:35:49 PM
12Z100NY's#1 Hit Music10/23/20143:31:26 PM
12Scream RadioTomorrow Ch9810/23/20143:29:50 PM
12On POTUSTomorrow10/23/20143:29:25 PM
12Z100NY's#1 Hit Music10/23/20143:28:27 PM
12Iggy Azalea / Rita OraBlack Widow10/23/20143:24:49 PM
12Maroon 5Animals10/23/20143:21:14 PM
12Z100NY's#1 Hit Music10/23/20143:21:03 PM
12Z100NY's#1 Hit Music10/23/20143:21:03 PM
12Maroon 5Animals10/23/20143:20:51 PM
12Jason Derulo / 2 ChainzTalk Dirty10/23/20143:18:15 PM
12Z100NY's#1 Hit Music10/23/20143:18:03 PM
12Jason Derulo / 2 ChainzTalk Dirty10/23/20143:17:59 PM
12Z100NY's#1 Hit Music10/23/20143:15:04 PM
12Meghan TrainorAll About That Bass10/23/20143:14:48 PM
12Jeremih / YgDon't Tell Em10/23/20143:10:14 PM
12Demi Lovato / Cher LloydReally Don't Care10/23/20143:07:01 PM
12Clean Bandit / Jess GlynneRather Be10/23/20143:03:14 PM
12Z100NY's#1 Hit Music10/23/20143:02:03 PM
12Gym Class Heros/Adam LevineStereo Hearts10/23/20143:00:18 PM
12Z100NY's#1 Hit Music10/23/20142:56:25 PM
12Z100/NYZ100/NY10/23/20142:55:25 PM
12Z100NY's#1 Hit Music10/23/20142:55:01 PM
12Calvin Harris / John NewmanBlame10/23/20142:51:27 PM
12Z100NY's#1 Hit Music10/23/20142:48:14 PM
12SiaChandelier10/23/20142:47:58 PM
12Mr. ProbzWaves10/23/20142:44:38 PM
12Ed SheeranDon't10/23/20142:41:00 PM
12Z100NY's#1 Hit Music10/23/20142:39:48 PM
12Icona PopI Love It10/23/20142:38:00 PM
12Z100NY's#1 Hit Music10/23/20142:33:43 PM
12Russell BrandTomorrow, 2pm ET10/23/20142:32:16 PM
12Z100/NYZ100/NY10/23/20142:31:38 PM
12Z100NY's#1 Hit Music10/23/20142:31:15 PM
12Cash Cash / Bebe RexhaTake Me Home10/23/20142:28:02 PM
12Z100NY's#1 Hit Music10/23/20142:24:26 PM
12Iggy Azalea / Rita OraBlack Widow10/23/20142:21:02 PM
12Z100NY's#1 Hit Music10/23/20142:17:50 PM
12Maroon 5Maps10/23/20142:17:39 PM
12Jessie J / Ariana Grande / NickiBang Bang10/23/20142:14:15 PM
12Taylor SwiftShake It Off10/23/20142:10:48 PM
12Katy Perry / Juicy JDark Horse10/23/20142:07:15 PM

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