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24Eric ClaptonAfter Midnight12/21/20141:38:58 PM
24Willie Nelson & Toots HibbertI'm A Worried Man12/21/20141:36:29 PM
24ParrotheadRadio12/21/20141:36:07 PM
24Jimmy BuffettFins12/21/20141:31:54 PM
24JD @ OrlandoMargaritaville Cafe12/21/20141:26:04 PM
24JD @ OrlandoMargaritaville Cafe12/21/20141:26:04 PM
24Paul SimonYou Can Call Me Al12/21/20141:21:27 PM
24Jimmy BuffettHe Went To Paris (New Version)12/21/20141:17:42 PM
24Somewhere...South of Disorder12/21/20141:17:30 PM
24Jimmy CliffWonderful World, Beautiful People12/21/20141:14:29 PM
24Brett DennenWild Child12/21/20141:11:03 PM
24@JDSpradlin@SiriusXM / @RadioMVille_____(\_____12/21/20141:10:15 PM
24Jimmy BuffettVolcano12/21/20141:06:44 PM
24Jimmy BuffettOff To See The Lizard12/21/20141:02:16 PM
24Jimmy BuffettOff To See The Lizard12/21/20141:02:16 PM
24Jimmy BuffettThey Don't Dance Like Carmen No More12/21/201412:59:23 PM
24Jimmy BuffettAnother Saturday Night12/21/201412:56:27 PM
24JD on T W I T T E R@ J D S p r a d l i n___(\___12/21/201412:55:50 PM
24Jimmy BuffettHoliday12/21/201412:51:06 PM
24Jimmy BuffettHoliday12/21/201412:51:04 PM
24Jimmy BuffettA Pirate Looks At Forty12/21/201412:46:19 PM
24Buffett PM
24Jimmy BuffettWerewolves Of London12/21/201412:42:57 PM
24Jimmy BuffettJingle Bells12/21/201412:39:06 PM
24Buffett PM
24Jimmy BuffettLicense To Chill12/21/201412:34:45 PM
24Jimmy BuffettChanges In Latitudes, Changes In Att12/21/201412:31:29 PM
24Buffett PM
24Buffett PM
24Jimmy BuffettFirst Look12/21/201412:26:35 PM
24Jimmy BuffettCoconut Telegraph12/21/201412:23:21 PM
24Buffett PM
24Jimmy BuffettThe City12/21/201412:19:02 PM
24Jimmy BuffettSon Of A Son Of A Sailor12/21/201412:15:51 PM
24Jimmy BuffettKnees of My Heart12/21/201412:13:26 PM
24Buffett PM
24Jimmy BuffettTiki Bar Is Open12/21/201412:10:04 PM
24Jimmy BuffettTin Cup Chalice-Clarkston, MI. 8.9.912/21/201412:06:37 PM
24Maxi PriestWild World12/21/201412:03:16 PM
24Your deserted islandon the radio12/21/201412:02:53 PM
24Jimmy BuffettGod's Own Drunk (Chicago Live)12/21/201411:52:53 AM
24Kirsten@siriusxm.com12/21/201411:52:27 AM
24Atlanta Rhythm SectionChampagne Jam12/21/201411:48:01 AM
24Jimmy BuffettFruitcakes12/21/201411:41:48 AM
24Johnny CleggCircle Of Light12/21/201411:38:45 AM
24With Kirstenin Austin Texas12/21/201411:37:58 AM
24Ziggy MarleyOne Bright Day12/21/201411:34:19 AM
24Jimmy BuffettHey Good Lookin'12/21/201411:31:16 AM
24salt SALTS A L T !12/21/201411:30:52 AM
24Dave Matthews BandWhat Would You Say12/21/201411:27:17 AM

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