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39Night Ranger(You Can Still) Rock In America2/20/202011:02:21 PM
39Alice CooperHey Stoopid2/20/202010:59:22 PM
39QueensrycheSilent Lucidity2/20/202010:32:22 PM
39Def LeppardLove Bites2/20/202010:31:22 PM
39QueensrycheSilent Lucidity2/20/202010:06:22 PM
39Enuff Z' NuffFly High Michelle2/20/202010:04:21 PM
39QueensrycheSilent Lucidity2/20/202010:02:21 PM
39David Lee RothYankee Rose2/20/20209:52:22 PM
39QueensrycheSilent Lucidity2/20/20209:47:22 PM
39David Lee RothYankee Rose2/20/20209:44:22 PM
39QueensrycheSilent Lucidity2/20/20209:35:21 PM
39David Lee RothYankee Rose2/20/20209:30:22 PM
39QueensrycheSilent Lucidity2/20/20209:18:21 PM
39SlaughterDesperately2/20/20208:56:22 PM
39QueensrycheSilent Lucidity2/20/20208:42:22 PM
39WhitesnakeGive Me All Your Love2/20/20208:41:22 PM
39QueensrycheSilent Lucidity2/20/20208:21:21 PM
39Def LeppardWomen2/20/20208:20:22 PM
39QueensrycheSilent Lucidity2/20/20208:12:22 PM
39KissLick It Up2/20/20208:11:22 PM
39QueensrycheSilent Lucidity2/20/20208:05:22 PM
39SlaughterBurnin' Bridges2/20/20207:45:21 PM
39DokkenIt's Not Love2/20/20207:40:21 PM
39RattWay Cool Jr.2/20/20207:34:22 PM
39KixGet It While It's Hot2/20/20207:28:21 PM
39SlaughterBurnin' Bridges2/20/20207:18:22 PM
39Def LeppardComin' Under Fire2/20/20207:14:21 PM
39KixGet It While It's Hot2/20/20207:01:22 PM
39Guns N' RosesCivil War2/20/20206:57:21 PM
39KixGet It While It's Hot2/20/20206:50:21 PM
39Ozzy OsbourneRoad To Nowhere2/20/20206:48:22 PM
39Guns N' RosesCivil War2/20/20206:47:22 PM
39KixGet It While It's Hot2/20/20206:46:21 PM
39Guns N' RosesCivil War2/20/20206:38:21 PM
39PoisonUnskinny Bop2/20/20206:35:21 PM
39Guns N' RosesCivil War2/20/20206:30:21 PM
39PoisonUnskinny Bop2/20/20206:28:21 PM
39White LionRadar Love2/20/20206:14:22 PM
39ScorpionsRock You Like A Hurricane2/20/20206:13:22 PM
39White LionRadar Love2/20/20206:10:22 PM
39ScorpionsRock You Like A Hurricane2/20/20206:07:21 PM
39Night RangerDon't Tell Me You Love Me2/20/20206:00:21 PM
39Def LeppardArmageddon It2/20/20205:58:22 PM
39White LionRadar Love2/20/20205:50:22 PM
39Night RangerDon't Tell Me You Love Me2/20/20205:45:21 PM
39White LionRadar Love2/20/20205:43:22 PM
39DokkenInto The Fire2/20/20205:37:22 PM
39Night RangerDon't Tell Me You Love Me2/20/20205:34:01 PM
39Skid RowMonkey Business2/20/20205:26:21 PM
39Night RangerDon't Tell Me You Love Me2/20/20205:21:22 PM

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