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50SkyyCall Me7/18/20198:46:31 AM
50GuyGroove Me7/18/20198:45:32 AM
50Donna SummerBad Girls (79)7/18/20198:45:11 AM
50GuyGroove Me7/18/20198:41:32 AM
50KashifI Just Gotta Have You (Lover Turn M7/18/20198:36:42 AM
50Donna SummerBad Girls (79)7/18/20198:35:52 AM
50Janet JacksonMiss You Much7/18/20198:32:22 AM
50Donna SummerBad Girls (79)7/18/20198:31:52 AM
50The EmotionsI Don't Wanna Lose Your Love7/18/20198:31:32 AM
50Donna SummerBad Girls (79)7/18/20198:28:01 AM
50Quincy JonesStuff Like That7/18/20198:27:22 AM
50Donna SummerBad Girls (79)7/18/20198:27:12 AM
50Quincy JonesStuff Like That7/18/20198:26:42 AM
50Donna SummerBad Girls (79)7/18/20198:26:01 AM
50Quincy JonesStuff Like That7/18/20198:25:32 AM
50Donna SummerBad Girls (79)7/18/20198:25:02 AM
50SamueleSo You Like What You See7/18/20198:24:12 AM
50Donna SummerBad Girls (79)7/18/20198:24:01 AM
50SamueleSo You Like What You See7/18/20198:23:52 AM
50Donna SummerBad Girls (79)7/18/20198:23:21 AM
50SamueleSo You Like What You See7/18/20198:21:11 AM
50Aretha FranklinJimmy Lee7/18/20198:16:02 AM
50Al B. SureOff On Your Own (Girl)7/18/20198:12:52 AM
50Stevie WonderSir Duke7/18/20198:08:01 AM
50George DukeReach For It7/18/20198:04:12 AM
50L.T.D.Back In Love Again7/18/20198:02:22 AM
50Midnight StarWet My Whistle7/18/20197:53:42 AM
50The IntrudersI'll Always Love My Mama7/18/20197:50:32 AM
50Diana RossUpside Down7/18/20197:43:42 AM
50ShalamarThe Second Time Around7/18/20197:40:12 AM
50Karyn WhiteRomantic7/18/20197:35:42 AM
50ChangeThe Very Best in You7/18/20197:32:11 AM
50Kool & The GangJoanna7/18/20197:27:51 AM
50Janet JacksonThe Pleasure Principle7/18/20197:19:52 AM
50S.O.S. BandTake Your Time (Do It Right)7/18/20197:15:42 AM
50O'BryanLovelite7/18/20197:10:01 AM
50Rick JamesSuper Freak (12")7/18/20197:01:31 AM
50The O'JaysUse Ta Be My Girl7/18/20196:57:21 AM
50XenaOn The Upside7/18/20196:53:11 AM
50Old School R&BThe Groove7/18/20196:51:31 AM
50Brothers JohnsonStomp7/18/20196:45:51 AM
50T.S. MonkBon Bon Vie7/18/20196:42:32 AM
50Con Funk ShunFfun7/18/20196:37:32 AM
50The WhispersAnd The Beat Goes On7/18/20196:30:31 AM
50Lyn CollinsThink (About It)7/18/20196:28:12 AM
50Zapp & RogerMore Bounce to the Ounce7/18/20196:23:11 AM
50FatbackI Found Lovin'7/18/20196:19:22 AM
50Bobby BrownMy Prerogative7/18/20196:15:21 AM
50Carl CarltonShe's A Bad Mama Jama7/18/20196:09:22 AM
50Sirius XMThe Groove7/18/20196:08:42 AM

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