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71Frank SinatraDeep In A Dream8/2/201412:25:17 AM
71Frank SinatraApril In Paris8/2/201412:22:37 AM
71Frank SinatraMelody Of Love8/2/201412:19:29 AM
71Frank SinatraCheek To Cheek8/2/201412:16:37 AM
71Frank SinatraCycles8/2/201412:13:28 AM
71Frank SinatraWhen I Stop Loving You8/2/201412:10:25 AM
71Frank SinatraIt's Nice To Go Trav'ling8/2/201412:06:38 AM
71Frank SinatraSend In The Clowns8/2/201412:02:29 AM
71Judy CollinsPlaying Favorites8/2/201412:01:29 AM
71Frank SinatraThey Can't Take That Away From Me8/1/201411:59:37 PM
71Judy Collins onSirius XM8/1/201411:57:40 PM
71Frank SinatraCome Fly With Me8/1/201411:54:38 PM
71This is Siriusly SinatraThis is Siriusly Sinatra8/1/201411:53:15 PM
71Frank SinatraIn The Wee Small Hours Of The Mornin8/1/201411:50:15 PM
71Judy Collins isour guest DJ8/1/201411:49:03 PM
71Frank SinatraAutumn In New York8/1/201411:44:37 PM
71Judy Collins is on the airJudy Collins is on the air8/1/201411:43:37 PM
71Frank SinatraChicago8/1/201411:41:26 PM
71We're Playing FavoritesWe're Playing Favorites8/1/201411:40:15 PM
71Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra Feat. FI'll Be Seeing You8/1/201411:37:15 PM
71This is Siriusly SinatraThis is Siriusly Sinatra8/1/201411:36:00 PM
71Frank SinatraOne For My Baby8/1/201411:31:38 PM
71Judy Collins playing FrankJudy Collins playing Frank8/1/201411:30:51 PM
71Frank SinatraEbb Tide8/1/201411:27:39 PM
71Judy Collins onSiriusly Sinatra8/1/201411:26:48 PM
71Frank SinatraI've Got You Under My Skin8/1/201411:23:05 PM
71Frank SinatraI've Got You Under My Skin8/1/201411:23:05 PM
71Judy Collins isPlaying Favorites8/1/201411:21:50 PM
71Frank SinatraIt Was A Very Good Year8/1/201411:17:38 PM
71Judy Collins on Sirius XMJudy Collins on Sirius XM8/1/201411:16:25 PM
71Frank SinatraThe Best Is Yet To Come8/1/201411:13:35 PM
71Playing Favorites withJudy Collins8/1/201411:13:02 PM
71Playing Favorites withJudy Collins8/1/201411:13:02 PM
71Frank SinatraI Get A Kick Out Of You8/1/201411:09:50 PM
71Judy Collins loves FrankJudy Collins loves Frank8/1/201411:09:27 PM
71Frank SinatraCome Rain Or Shine8/1/201411:07:05 PM
71Frank SinatraCome Rain Or Shine8/1/201411:07:04 PM
71Judy Collins isPlaying Favorites8/1/201411:06:01 PM
71Frank SinatraNight And Day8/1/201411:02:29 PM
71Frank SinatraI Get Along Without You Very Well8/1/201410:58:51 PM
71Frank SinatraSay Hello8/1/201410:56:26 PM
71Frank SinatraLondon By Night8/1/201410:53:04 PM
71Frank SinatraLondon By Night8/1/201410:53:04 PM
71Frank SinatraMoon Song8/1/201410:50:02 PM
71Frank Sinatra(There'll Be A) Hot Time In The Town8/1/201410:47:42 PM
71Frank SinatraI'll Never Be The Same8/1/201410:44:38 PM
71Frank SinatraThe Single Man8/1/201410:41:37 PM
71Frank SinatraThis Is My Love8/1/201410:38:00 PM

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