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71AJ LambertThe 3rd Generation 2/28/201512:18:28 AM
71Frank SinatraA Garden In The Rain2/28/201512:15:12 AM
71Frank SinatraA Garden In The Rain2/28/201512:15:08 AM
71Frank SinatraA Garden in the Rain (Session)2/28/201512:11:15 AM
71Frank SinatraA Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Squar2/28/201512:07:04 AM
71Frank SinatraA Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Squar2/27/201511:58:28 PM
71Frank SinatraThe Gypsy2/27/201511:54:41 PM
71Frank SinatraThe Gypsy (Session)2/27/201511:42:00 PM
71AJ LambertThe 3rd Generation 2/27/201511:39:06 PM
71Frank SinatraNow Is The Hour2/27/201511:36:29 PM
71Frank SinatraIf I Had You2/27/201511:32:04 PM
71Frank SinatraIf I Had You2/27/201511:32:03 PM
71Frank SinatraWe'll Gather Lilacs In The Spring2/27/201511:28:28 PM
71Frank SinatraThe Very Thought Of You Session2/27/201511:14:29 PM
71AJ LambertThe 3rd Generation 2/27/201511:11:39 PM
71Frank SinatraThe Very Thought Of You2/27/201511:08:04 PM
71AJ LambertThe 3rd Generation 2/27/201511:07:37 PM
71Frank SinatraAJ Open pt 22/27/201511:07:08 PM
71AJ LambertThe 3rd Generation 2/27/201511:06:57 PM
71Dinah WashingtonMore Than You Know2/27/201511:03:21 PM
71Siriusly SinatraOn Sirius XM2/27/201511:03:04 PM
71Frank SinatraDon'cha Go 'Way Mad2/27/201510:59:53 PM
71Joseph Leo BwarieI've Never Been In Love Before2/27/201510:55:40 PM
71Julie LondonThe Party's Over2/27/201510:52:27 PM
71Rosemary ClooneyLove Is Here To Stay2/27/201510:48:52 PM
71Frank SinatraThe Lady Is A Tramp2/27/201510:45:19 PM
71Ray CharlesJust For A Thrill2/27/201510:41:47 PM
71Rick BraunI Thought About You2/27/201510:38:03 PM
71Bobby DarinArtificial Flowers2/27/201510:34:45 PM
71Frank SinatraNo One Ever Tells You2/27/201510:31:26 PM
71Wesla WhitfieldPick Yourself Up2/27/201510:27:26 PM
71Nancy WilsonAngel Eyes2/27/201510:24:44 PM
71Frank SinatraWitchcraft2/27/201510:22:12 PM
71Harry NilssonLazy Moon2/27/201510:19:38 PM
71Peggy LeeMr. Wonderful2/27/201510:16:27 PM
71Siriusly SinatraOn Sirius XM2/27/201510:16:11 PM
71Tony Bennett & Miguel BoséDon't Get Around Much Anymore2/27/201510:13:39 PM
71Frank SinatraCrazy Love2/27/201510:10:52 PM
71Barry ManilowSome Other Time2/27/201510:07:29 PM
71Johnny MathisTenderly2/27/201510:04:32 PM
71Harry Connick, Jr.And I Love You So2/27/201510:01:04 PM
71Siriusly SinatraOn Sirius XM2/27/201510:00:53 PM
71Frank SinatraI Wish I Were In Love Again2/27/20159:58:32 PM
71Frank SinatraI Wish I Were In Love Again2/27/20159:58:31 PM
71Perry ComoOnce Upon A Time2/27/20159:54:43 PM
71Linda RonstadtLush Life2/27/20159:50:54 PM
71Barbra StreisandBut Beautiful2/27/20159:45:38 PM
71Frank SinatraPennies From Heaven2/27/20159:42:44 PM
71Mel TorméToo Close For Comfort2/27/20159:38:41 PM

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