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71Ella FitzgeraldEv'ry Time We Say Goodbye6/27/20174:48:55 AM
71Frank SinatraNew York, New York6/27/20174:45:12 AM
71Oscar Peterson/Nelson RiddleGoodbye6/27/20174:41:02 AM
71Johnny MathisStella By Starlight6/27/20174:37:33 AM
71Jack JonesWouldn't It Be Lovely6/27/20174:35:23 AM
71Happy 10th!#SiriuslySinatra 6/27/20174:35:12 AM
71Frank Sinatra/Betty GarrettYou're Awful6/27/20174:32:02 AM
71Diana KrallJust One Of Those Things6/27/20174:28:55 AM
71Jane MonheitI'm Glad There Is You6/27/20174:23:55 AM
71Dean MartinWrap Your Troubles in Dreams6/27/20174:20:54 AM
71Frank SinatraDream6/27/20174:18:02 AM
71@SiriusXMSiriusly Sinatra6/27/20174:17:45 AM
71Joanie SommersMean To Me6/27/20174:15:25 AM
71James DarrenMy Kind of Girl6/27/20174:12:12 AM
71Billie HolidayThe End Of A Love Affair6/27/20174:07:33 AM
71Frank SinatraIf6/27/20174:04:34 AM
71The Hi-Lo'sI Don't Want To Cry Anymore6/27/20174:01:44 AM
71Vic DamoneA Lot of Livin' To Do6/27/20173:58:43 AM
71Frank SinatraI've Got You Under My Skin6/27/20173:55:12 AM
71Julie LondonInvitation To The Blues6/27/20173:52:24 AM
71Lena HorneI've Grown Accustomed to His Face6/27/20173:48:33 AM
71Siriusly SinatraSirius XM6/27/20173:48:22 AM
71Bobby DarinJust In Time6/27/20173:45:45 AM
71Frank Sinatra/Dinah ShoreTen Song Medley6/27/20173:39:56 AM
71Julie BuddFor All We Know6/27/20173:37:02 AM
71Peggy LeeDo I Love You?6/27/20173:32:01 AM
71Joseph Leo BwarieFalling In Love With Love6/27/20173:28:55 AM
71Frank SinatraSwingin Down The Lane6/27/20173:25:54 AM
71Monica LewisI Get a Kick Out Of You6/27/20173:23:24 AM
71Kristin ChenowethSkylark6/27/20173:18:45 AM
71Nat King ColeBut Beautiful6/27/20173:15:24 AM
71Frank SinatraAll My Tomorrows6/27/20173:10:55 AM
71#siriuslysinatraTina's Favorites6/27/20173:10:44 AM
71George MichaelWild Is The Wind6/27/20173:08:56 AM
71June ChristyI'll Take Romance6/27/20173:07:01 AM
71Natalie ColeWhy Don't You Do Right?6/27/20173:02:45 AM
71Frank SinatraI Wished On The Moon6/27/20172:59:55 AM
71Frank SinatraOn Sirius XM6/27/20172:59:45 AM
71Michael FeinsteinNo Other Love6/27/20172:55:35 AM
71Ella FitzgeraldDarn That Dream6/27/20172:53:01 AM
71Frank SinatraIf You Are But A Dream6/27/20172:50:01 AM
71Harry Connick, Jr.You Don't Know Me6/27/20172:46:03 AM
71Beverly KenneyThat's All6/27/20172:43:33 AM
71Happy 10th!#SiriuslySinatra6/27/20172:43:23 AM
71Barbra StreisandThe Second Time Around6/27/20172:38:55 AM
71Frank SinatraIndian Summer6/27/20172:34:45 AM
71Dave DamianiEverything Happens To Me6/27/20172:30:33 AM
71Tony Bennett/Bill CharlapI Won't Dance6/27/20172:27:22 AM
71Charlie Watts QuintetSomeone To Watch Over Me6/27/20172:23:13 AM
71@FrankSinatra#siriuslysinatra6/27/20172:23:02 AM

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