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1171-800-500-94811-800-500-94818/27/20164:24:33 PM
509MLB B8 1outBAL4 NYY128/27/20164:24:22 PM
842MLB B8 1outBAL4 NYY128/27/20164:24:22 PM
858MLB B8 1outBAL4 NYY128/27/20164:24:22 PM
213MLB B8 1outCOL4 WSH38/27/20164:23:43 PM
90Road America 1801)22 2)2 3)18 4)3 5)428/27/20164:23:43 PM
279The Shangri-LasLeader of the Pack (64)8/27/20164:23:32 PM
208T9 Jordan Spieth-4 (E thru 11)8/27/20164:23:22 PM
673ModernairesSalute to Glenn Miller (46)8/27/20164:23:22 PM
848MLB B8 1outCOL4 WSH38/27/20164:23:22 PM
869MLB B8 1outCOL4 WSH38/27/20164:23:22 PM
208T9 Jason Day-4 (E thru 12)8/27/20164:23:12 PM
673@40sJunction1940s and beyond8/27/20164:23:12 PM
276Nina SkyMove Ya Body (04)8/27/20164:23:01 PM
676GeminianiConcerto Grosso in e minor, Op. 4, 8/27/20164:23:01 PM
143NCAA VolleyballBYU 4 Rice 18/27/20164:22:55 PM
115Feature StoryFOX News Headlines 24/78/27/20164:22:55 PM
55Call Garth1-844-55-GARTH8/27/20164:22:45 PM
213MLB B8 0outCOL4 WSH38/27/20164:22:13 PM
509MLB B8 0outBAL4 NYY128/27/20164:22:13 PM
842MLB B8 0outBAL4 NYY128/27/20164:22:13 PM
858MLB B8 0outBAL4 NYY128/27/20164:22:13 PM
115NewsFOX News Headlines 24/78/27/20164:21:55 PM
72Oklahoma!Many A New Day (1943)8/27/20164:21:44 PM
96800-400-5584800-400-55848/27/20164:21:44 PM
213MLB B8 0outCOL4 WSH38/27/20164:21:33 PM
98Jim Gaffigan4 Kids8/27/20164:21:33 PM
848MLB B8 0outCOL4 WSH38/27/20164:21:23 PM
869MLB B8 0outCOL4 WSH38/27/20164:21:23 PM
213MLB T8 3outCOL4 WSH38/27/20164:21:12 PM
279Johnny RiversMountain of Love (64)8/27/20164:21:02 PM
208T9 Jordan Spieth-4 (E thru 11)8/27/20164:20:53 PM
213MLB T8 3outCOL4 WSH38/27/20164:20:43 PM
208T9 Jason Day-4 (E thru 12)8/27/20164:20:32 PM
509MLB T8 3outBAL4 NYY128/27/20164:19:53 PM
700Neil DiamondBrooklyn on a Saturday Night (1984)8/27/20164:19:53 PM
842MLB T8 3outBAL4 NYY128/27/20164:19:53 PM
1461-800-700-43501-800-700-43508/27/20164:19:53 PM
213MLB T8 3outCOL4 WSH38/27/20164:19:43 PM
858MLB T8 3outBAL4 NYY128/27/20164:19:43 PM
280John MellencampWild Night (94)8/27/20164:19:32 PM
8Cyndi LauperGirls Just Want To Have Fun (84)8/27/20164:19:32 PM
213MLB T8 3outCOL4 WSH38/27/20164:19:22 PM
85800-248-9760800-248-97608/27/20164:19:22 PM
90Road America 1801)22 2)2 3)18 4)3 5)198/27/20164:19:22 PM
210SXM Host's DraftRound 148/27/20164:19:12 PM
115HeadlinesFOX News Headlines 24/78/27/20164:19:12 PM
848MLB T8 3outCOL4 WSH38/27/20164:19:01 PM
869MLB T8 3outCOL4 WSH38/27/20164:19:01 PM
941-800-794-10411-800-794-10418/27/20164:19:01 PM

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