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965CBK 2HTLSA49 CONN592/13/201610:46:25 PM
113Georgia @ Miss St (bdcast)GA-58 MISSST-44 2H2/13/201610:46:25 PM
115News UpdateFOX News Headlines 24/72/13/201610:46:25 PM
56@JasonAldean#Hot45sxm2/13/201610:46:25 PM
96800-957-9364800-957-93642/13/201610:46:25 PM
673Gene Krupa v/Irene DayeDrum Boogie (41)2/13/201610:46:02 PM
113Georgia @ Miss St (bdcast)GA-58 MISSST-43 2H2/13/201610:45:47 PM
115Business NewsFOX News Headlines 24/72/13/201610:45:35 PM
119800-280-4639800-280-46392/13/201610:45:02 PM
965CBK 2HTLSA49 CONN562/13/201610:44:59 PM
102888-816-8466888-816-84662/13/201610:44:59 PM
384College Sports NationSiriusXM 842/13/201610:44:59 PM
94800-884-3863800-884-38632/13/201610:44:36 PM
119SilkCh. 482/13/201610:44:36 PM
279The SupremesBaby Love (64)2/13/201610:44:14 PM
276OutkastThe Way You Move (04)2/13/201610:44:14 PM
114800-238-9481 BigPlush.com800-238-9481 BigPlush.com2/13/201610:43:47 PM
260SiriusXM SilkCh482/13/201610:43:36 PM
101800-506-4961800-506-49612/13/201610:43:13 PM
115NewsFOX News Headlines 24/72/13/201610:43:02 PM
115NewsFOX News Headlines 24/72/13/201610:43:02 PM
929Washington Capitals @ Dallas StarsNHL WAS-0 DAL-4 2P2/13/201610:42:38 PM
948Washington Capitals @ Dallas StarsNHL WAS-0 DAL-4 2P2/13/201610:42:38 PM
115Feature StoryFOX News Headlines 24/72/13/201610:42:38 PM
6Cousin Brucie's Sat. Night Party!1-888-843-28912/13/201610:42:26 PM
113Georgia @ Miss St (bdcast)GA-58 MISSST-42 2H2/13/201610:42:15 PM
425800-683-2644800-683-26442/13/201610:42:03 PM
146800-940-5738800-940-57382/13/201610:41:48 PM
85866-782-5412866-782-54122/13/201610:41:25 PM
115SilkCh482/13/201610:41:25 PM
113Georgia @ Miss St (bdcast)GA-56 MISSST-42 2H2/13/201610:41:14 PM
146800-941-9575800-941-95752/13/201610:41:00 PM
95800-952-7734800-952-77342/13/201610:40:59 PM
509Drive4Walmart.comDrive4Walmart.com2/13/201610:40:48 PM
965CBK 2HTLSA48 CONN562/13/201610:40:25 PM
113SiriusXM SilkCh482/13/201610:39:48 PM
963CBK 2HTTU63 BAY482/13/201610:39:36 PM
673Horace HeidtThis Is the Army, Mister Jones (43)2/13/201610:39:25 PM
115Sports SoonerFOX News Headlines 24/72/13/201610:39:14 PM
6Cousin Brucie's Sat. Night Party!1-888-843-28912/13/201610:39:03 PM
167@WardAndAlWeekdays 1-4pmET2/13/201610:38:58 PM
963CBK 2HTTU61 BAY452/13/201610:38:58 PM
94Sam KinisonComedy Greats 942/13/201610:38:58 PM PM
90Sprint Unlimited at Daytona 1)11 2)2 3)20 4)42 5)412/13/201610:38:47 PM
126800-654-3740800-654-37402/13/201610:38:24 PM
963CBK 2HTTU60 BAY432/13/201610:38:13 PM
43NasThe World Is Yours (94)2/13/201610:37:59 PM
90Sprint Unlimited at Daytona 1)11 2)2 3)20 4)42 5)422/13/201610:37:59 PM
5Big Joe TurnerShake, Rattle & Roll (54)2/13/201610:37:48 PM

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