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673Stan KentonArkansas Traveler (41)11/28/20153:11:28 PM PM
115800-654-2905800-654-290511/28/20153:11:17 PM
116text NEWS to 42767text NEWS to 4276711/28/20153:11:14 PM
118800-497-3965800-497-396511/28/20153:11:06 PM
152Gerber Life Grow Up Plan800 665 470311/28/20153:10:02 PM
108TODAY SHOW RADIOLIVE, Mon-Fri @ 7am ET 4am PT11/28/20153:09:44 PM
117866-888-0064866-888-006411/28/20153:09:44 PM
108TODAY SHOW RADIOLIVE, Mon-Fri @ 7am ET 4am PT11/28/20153:09:35 PM
10Britney SpearsToxic ('04)11/28/20153:09:03 PM
10Britney SpearsToxic ('04)11/28/20153:09:02 PM
152www.Primo.Cash1 844 El Primo11/28/20153:09:02 PM
115Sports SoonerFOX News Headlines 24/711/28/20153:08:41 PM
673Frank SinatraFive Minutes More (46)11/28/20153:08:30 PM
798800-394-9006 SelectQuote.com800-394-9006 SelectQuote.com11/28/20153:08:30 PM
450Radio ClassicsSiriusXM 14811/28/20153:08:30 PM
29@lettucefunk LiveTOM 4pET11/28/20153:06:58 PM
146Road Dog Trucking NewsSiriusXM 14611/28/20153:06:58 PM
131HeartLight Radio1-866-700-326411/28/20153:06:36 PM
18Harry JamesDaddy (46)11/28/20153:06:36 PM
563Harry JamesDaddy (46)11/28/20153:06:36 PM
782Harry JamesDaddy (46)11/28/20153:06:36 PM
450The JointCh. 4211/28/20153:06:00 PM
981-800-941-95821-800-941-958211/28/20153:06:00 PM
208SiriusXM College Sports NationChannel 8411/28/20153:05:26 PM
340@Tiesto @sxmElectro#ClubLife 452 #TiestoSXM11/28/20153:05:26 PM
688Hall of Fame Radio877-635-5425 / 877-NFL-KICK11/28/20153:05:26 PM
673@40sJunction1940s and beyond11/28/20153:05:17 PM
673@40sJunction1940s and beyond11/28/20153:05:15 PM
146800-941-9575800-941-957511/28/20153:04:59 PM
153Channel 153888 927 478411/28/20153:04:22 PM
153Channel 153888 927 478411/28/20153:04:19 PM
101Sternthology'04 Sal Interviews Beth11/28/20153:03:51 PM
143The Apple SeedFour Corners Festival 411/28/20153:03:33 PM
115Top NewsFOX News Headlines 24/711/28/20153:03:33 PM
681844-BIGVIEW Bigviewland.com844-BIGVIEW Bigviewland.com11/28/20153:03:01 PM
673Charlie SpivakCuddle Up A Little Closer (43)11/28/20153:02:50 PM
673Charlie SpivakCuddle Up A Little Closer (43)11/28/20153:02:46 PM
54Ultimate Classic DanceStudio 54 Radio11/28/20153:02:31 PM
4241-800-941-95821-800-941-958211/28/20153:02:31 PM
115EntertainmentFOX News Headlines 24/711/28/20153:02:23 PM
115EntertainmentFOX News Headlines 24/711/28/20153:02:20 PM
681866-888-0064866-888-006411/28/20153:02:08 PM
106800-941-9575800-941-957511/28/20153:02:08 PM
106800-941-9575800-941-957511/28/20153:02:03 PM
681866-888-0064866-888-006411/28/20153:02:02 PM
424text POTUS to 42767text POTUS to 4276711/28/20153:01:50 PM
80Ohio St @ MichiganOHIOST-14 MICH-10 3Q11/28/20153:01:28 PM
114800-805-8341800-805-834111/28/20153:01:28 PM
424text POTUS to 42767text POTUS to 4276711/28/20153:01:28 PM

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