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106TEXT 2014 to 511 511TEXT 2014 to 511 5117/22/20149:56:27 PM
860MLB B7 0outSF4 PHI57/22/20149:56:16 PM
863MLB B7 0outSF4 PHI57/22/20149:56:16 PM
2601-800-451-65801-800-451-65807/22/20149:56:16 PM
114SIRIUS XM 114SIRIUS XM 1147/22/20149:56:16 PM
6The TemptationsThe Way You Do The Things... (64)7/22/20149:56:03 PM
847MLB B5 3outCLE4 MIN17/22/20149:55:51 PM
856MLB B5 3outCLE4 MIN17/22/20149:55:51 PM
1461-800-435-40101-800-435-40107/22/20149:55:29 PM
113The IndependentsDJIA LAST 17,113.54 +61.817/22/20149:55:28 PM
604Jimmy Dorsey v/Helen O'ConnellEmbraceable You (41)7/22/20149:55:26 PM
509MLB B7 0outSF4 PHI57/22/20149:54:59 PM
700Neil DiamondLongfellow Serenade (1974)7/22/20149:54:59 PM
961Drive4Marten.comDrive4Marten.com7/22/20149:54:59 PM
450Kilmeade and Fri866-408-76697/22/20149:54:59 PM
93Drive4Marten.comDrive4Marten.com7/22/20149:54:59 PM
113The IndependentsNasdaq LAST 4,456.02 +31.317/22/20149:54:38 PM
847MLB B5 2outCLE4 MIN17/22/20149:54:26 PM
856MLB B5 2outCLE4 MIN17/22/20149:54:26 PM
113The IndependentsDJIA LAST 17,113.54 +61.817/22/20149:54:26 PM
210877-954-Sure/SurePayroll.com877-954-Sure/SurePayroll.com7/22/20149:53:49 PM
860MLB T7 3outSF4 PHI57/22/20149:53:49 PM
863MLB T7 3outSF4 PHI57/22/20149:53:49 PM
113The IndependentsNasdaq LAST 4,456.02 +31.317/22/20149:53:49 PM
116800-347-9637800-347-96377/22/20149:53:49 PM
146EW Radio 1052014 Comiccon7/22/20149:53:49 PM
113The IndependentsDJIA LAST 17,113.54 +61.817/22/20149:53:27 PM
16Plain White T's1,2,3,4 (I Love You)7/22/20149:53:27 PM
847MLB B5 1outCLE4 MIN17/22/20149:53:26 PM
856MLB B5 1outCLE4 MIN17/22/20149:53:26 PM
509MLB T7 2outSF4 PHI57/22/20149:52:59 PM
509MLB T7 3outSF4 PHI57/22/20149:52:48 PM
16Plain White T's1,2,3,4 (I Love You)7/22/20149:52:48 PM
113The IndependentsNasdaq LAST 4,456.02 +31.317/22/20149:52:37 PM
4800-294-0492800-294-04927/22/20149:52:25 PM
604Frank SinatraOnce In Love With Amy (48)7/22/20149:52:25 PM
117800-294-0492800-294-04927/22/20149:52:25 PM
113The IndependentsDJIA LAST 17,113.54 +61.817/22/20149:52:25 PM PM PM
262Pat BenatarWe Belong (84)7/22/20149:51:51 PM
7041-800-234-62601-800-234-62607/22/20149:51:40 PM
847MLB B5 0outCLE4 MIN17/22/20149:51:39 PM
856MLB B5 0outCLE4 MIN17/22/20149:51:39 PM Code: NEWSNasdaq LAST 4,456.02 +31.317/22/20149:51:39 PM
450Fox NewsChannel 1147/22/20149:51:39 PM
54Ultimate Classic DanceStudio 54 Radio7/22/20149:51:38 PM
206855-575-1040855-575-10407/22/20149:51:37 PM
860MLB T7 2outSF4 PHI57/22/20149:51:24 PM
863MLB T7 2outSF4 PHI57/22/20149:51:24 PM

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