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SIRIUS Repeaters in the Current Map:

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Active Repeater     Unconfirmed Repeater     Inactive Repeater     Sirius 1 Now
Sirius 1 In 1 Hour
Sirius 1 In 2 Hours
Sirius 2 Now
Sirius 2 In 1 Hour
Sirius 2 In 2 Hours
Sirius 3 Now
Sirius 3 In 1 Hour
Sirius 3 In 2 Hours
Please let me know if you know the locations and other details of any Canadian repeaters or US repeaters that are not on this map. Please let me know if your experience with the coverage area of a repeater is significantly different than shown. Please let me know if a repeater marked as inactive or unconfirmed works for you.
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