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Holism" (Holism or Wholism) as an idea, has a long history and rich content, it is difficult to conduct a comprehensive study. As the whole of American scholars who has studied the thinking of Philip pointed out that "from the literature to find clarity on the overall expression of the central idea is extremely difficult, and the evaluation of these ideas there are corresponding difficulties." Based on this, this article only on the methodology of economics from the perspective of impact on ideology on the whole be examined as a whole ideology is relative and individual ideas, which dates back to Plato and Aristotle on the "general "and" individual "exposition, which, Plato's" ideal of the Kingdom "is built with the overall ideology. To the Middle Ages, the relationship between the whole and the individual evolution of the scholastic philosophy of "realism" and "nominalism" two trends. It argued that the individual exists before a whole; and nominalist believes that the individual is the only real existence. Although this debate is to demonstrate power and imperial power which a higher education issue, but virtually Quedui later Collectivism and Individualism impact the formation of ideas. However, the general view that a more systematic whole ideology is associated with the development of modern science have evolved. This is because, since the second half of the 15th century began to develop a genuine natural science, people have begun the processes of nature and things, research into certain categories, although this approach makes a great development of natural science, but at the same time methodology, it has had an isolated, one-sided, still see the problem of habit. This method is Bacon and Locke from natural science, philosophy after the move, has caused centuries of thinking characteristic of metaphysical thinking, the biggest flaw of this is isolated, static perspective. But with the development of science, especially with the energy conservation law of physics, biology, evolution, cytology and other theories of the emergence of knowledge of the people had an important impact, to raise awareness: "The whole of nature, from the smallest something to the largest everything from sand to the sun, from protozoa to man, are in constant production and disappearing, in constant flow, in a perpetual movement and change. "so that people must contact viewpoint of development study things. Then people started in the mechanical theory of natural science and philosophy of metaphysics methodology for reflection. In this process, there is more overall system ideology, in which the natural sciences "organic holism" and the philosophy of "dialectical link on the" most representative. "Organic holism" that things are not simple elements, and, but an organic whole, to understand the nature of the organic whole or system, according to partial attribute can not be explained to them. Similarly, the social organizational behavior can not be reduced to individual thought and action. "On the dialectical link" that things are interrelated whole, isolated look at one side, there is no value or meaning, must be unity of opposites in an overall study of things to understand their nature.[1] Wholesale nfl jersey

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