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Christian Talk

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Programs scheduled on this channel:

ACLJ This Week
Adventures in Odyssey
American News Network
Anchored in Truth
ANN Consumer Education
Answering the Call
Aspiring Women
At Home - Live! With Chuck and Jenni
Back to the Bible
Buzz & Poppy
CBN Newswatch
Christian Interviews
Christian World News
Country Crossroads
Faith Factor
Focus on the Family
For Faith & Family
From His Heart
Hope in the Night
In Touch
Jay Sekulow Live!
Leading the Way
Life Outreach
Life Today with James Robison
Lil' Iguana
Live From Liberty
Living the Life
Love Worth Finding
Master Control
Mornings with Scott & Lorri
Nana Puddin'
Night of Praise with Dennis Jernigan
On Screen
On Track
Pathway to Victory
Precepts for Life
Primary Focus
Quick Study with Ron Hembree
Reality Talks!
Reality Talks! with Dr. Kevin Leman
Right from the Heart
Strength for Living
Swan's Place
The 700 Club
The Alternative
The Call
The Logan Show
Time for Hope
Tonya's Creative Cooking
Turning Point
Victory in Jesus
Way of the Master
Way of the Master Radio
Weekend Magazine
Whoopsie Daisy
Winning Edge
Winning Walk
Words of Victory
Your Health with Richard and Cindy Becker

Weekly Schedule for Channel 161
Editable Weekly Schedule for Channel 161
Recent Shows on Channel 161

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