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Let me know what features I should add to

Some of my current ideas:

The ability for registered users to add special programs, such as sports events, live concerts, and whatever else Sirius may do to screw up the regularly scheduled programming. I have now added support for special events and have the schedules for Sirius sporting events included. More work will be done on this front.

The ability for users to rate shows, a la Netflix, so you can see the collective opinion of a show at a glance.

If I knew what I was doing I could use those ratings to have personalized recomendations based on what you have said you like and don't like and how it matches up to other people.

The ability to set your timezone so listings show up in your local time rather than EST. This is done and can be setting at [1]

The ability to specify your receiver's programmed buttons so you can get a schedule for the channels you care most about.

The ability for you to make a list of the shows you want to listen to which you can print and keep in your car or with your radio.

Go ahead and add any other ideas you have for this site below:

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