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Lynn Samuels

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Lynn Samuels hosts a politically liberal talk show exclusive to Sirius Left. It airs live on weekdays 1:00–3:00 PM Eastern time. Rebroadcasts are on weekdays 3:00–6:00 AM ET, and weekends 3:00–5:00 AM and 12:00–2:00 PM ET.

A feed could not be found at Lynn's web site features current news items that Lynn picks herself.

Those of you who want Lynn Samuels taken OFF SIRIUS 146 don't understand the word "LIBERAL" - or what it used to mean, before the real Liberals became "LEFTISTS". Remember when "Liberal" meant "open minded"? A "Liberal" was always open, ready and able to discuss anything with anyone, especially those whose opinions differed from their own. Now there is a certain "type" of person who calls himself/herself "Liberal", without understanding the meaning of the word. Most confusing to me is the hate expressed by such "Liberals" for anyone not agreeing with their opinions. This is why the old "Liberals" now call themselves "Leftists". The new "LEFTIST" or the old "LIBERAL" encourages free speech, even if it isn't what she wants to hear. A "Leftist" enjoys speaking with those of opposite opinions. "Leftists" encourage such exchanges, contrary to "Liberals", who want nothing to do with anyone who is not of the same mindset.

For those of you who don't understand how a "LEFTIST" can dislike Barack Obama, it's very simple: A "Leftist" who reads the news every day knows exactly what this man is made of. The reason most people tune in to a talk show host is to be entertained. Rarely is this entertainment accompanied by real news. When one listens to Lynn Samuels one is treated to a brief synopsis of the real news, in as impartial a way as is possible for any talk show host who has a certain bent. Lynn spends hours every day reading the news and selecting the best stories for those who know to visit her web site. For me, tuning to Lynn's web site is like opening the daily paper first thing in the morning over a cup of coffee. I for one appreciate the work Lynn puts into the site every day. I like the stories she selects and especially appreciate that she has done most of the searching for me. I rarely find a worthwhile story that Lynn hasn't first posted on her site.

As for the Obama supporters who cannot stand to see or hear their man criticized, and want Lynn Samuels censored and/or removed from SIRIUS 146, I understand how you feel. You cannot help it that Obama is vulnerable to criticism. You so badly want him to be who he claims he is. We all would have liked Obama to be who he claimed to be but unfortunately this isn't the case. Well-intentioned Liberals elected Barack Obama's credentials, not the man. They couldn't elect the man because he remains as hidden, to this day, as he has been, from the time he avoided vetting for the Senatorial election, and again for the Presidential election.

The reason so many people elected credentials in place of a person is that they either don't have time to READ or they prefer not to read. For those of you impressed by Obama's second autobiography, did you ever ask yourself WHY a second one was necessary? He had already written one autobiography, why another? Well, he didn't write the second one anyway. It was his friend Bill Ayers, the educator who wrote it for him at the request of Michelle, who claimed he would never get it finished in time. Hmmm, who assigned this? Check out any one of the numerous books Bill Ayers wrote to check for similar style. While you are at it, do a Google search for "Barack Obama" + "HARVARD LAW REVIEW" if you want to learn about Harvard School of Law, the Harvard Law Review, and the first Black President of the Law Review courtesy of Affirmative Action, NOT ABILITY, NOT BRILLIANCE! Barack Obama, the "Professor" of Constitutional Law? Sorry, another strikeout. Appointed to teach a course he still knows nothing about by an educator who saw the "first Black President of the Harvard Law Review, didn't bother to check his records, and assumed he would be an excellent fit to teach classes at his school. They called him "Professor" as a nick name. Barack Obama is no "professor"!

You may have guessed by this time that I'm not crazy about Barack Obama either. My reason? I dislike dishonesty! I dislike a person who stands for nothing. I dislike a person with no identity who, by his own words, describes himself as "a mirror in which people see what they want to see". This man has become our President by deception. I believe he has been coached to be exactly as he is by those who want to assume power. He changes with the wind, or according to the demands put on him by those who created this President.

The Affirmative Action program at Harvard School of Law exists as others do, to train people who show some potential, to become lawyers; the purpose of affirmative action in any professional school is only to increase minorities in professions where they have been underrepresented to the present, usually because of membership in their minority group. NO AFFIRMATIVE ACTION PROGRAM TRAINS STUDENTS TO BECOME PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, but this hasn't affected Barack Obama. Of all the times in our history, this is one of the times when we need a top notch President, one with imagination, with brains who can think and speak on his feet. "President of America" is not an affirmative action job. It's not a job one "learns by doing". Barack Obama, master of such deception, is not a leader because he has nothing to lead with. He appears to be "cool" because he has no idea of what to say or do, not because he is "thinking".

Those people who do the reading know exactly where this man is coming from. The others continue to quote what others have told them - "Brilliant", "Professor", "Editor of Harvard Law Review", etc, just like the Health Care Bill ... not one of the people making such statements know a thing about the man they mistakenly praise. They only repeat what they've heard others say. Those who want him so badly to be what he claims to be will defend him to the end.

You are welcome to say or do as you please, but please, in your need for denial, don't attack one of the few people who is still trying to bring the truth to your table. It's not the "LIBERAL" thing to so.

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