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OutQ in the Morning

From DogstarRadio

Wake up and start your day with a good strong dose of fun times and enlightening conversation. It’s sure to put a smile on your face. Laugh and yak along with Larry Flick, and an eclectic mix of guests.

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Sorry to say that I agree with most of the above comments. Larry "Sybil" Flick should just pick a persona and stick with it. One moment he's all sweetness and light, kissing some guest's ass and when they've left he's then making all sorts of vile comments. Not someone I could ever trust. Poor Keith "Ed McMahon" Price, sounds as if he was hired to be the "canned laughter" for a bad sitcom. Not so infectious! I really feel sorry for Cynthia, they treat her terribly. Hopefully they pay her very well....yeah right!

Larry Flick

I totally disagree with all the negatives comments. I love this show. Larry may be up and down but he is genuine and intelligent. He is arrogant at times but more often self deprecating. He may dominate the show but he seems to have a genuine affection for his co=hosts and vice versa. I have grown very fond of all three of them and now i look forward to my morning commute.

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