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Shanhai massage

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Massage before bedtime can help sleep massage can make good blood circulation of patients to prevent the decline of bodily functions. Moreover, the prevention of pressure ulcers is also considerable, but will also contribute to physical and mental relaxation.

So even if the patient was wearing pajamas it does not matter, as far as possible to give massage a day convalescence. In particular, a massage before bedtime, can help patients fall asleep as soon as possible.

massage, when the focus is to practice hand-Shun and also from the body periphery to the heart of running a progressive direction.

Then, we put the main points of each part of the massage, Ming Kee is as follows:

Hand and foot massage ①

Are just beginning to heat with hot towels to massage the blood after a good run.

Hands, from fingertips to shoulder the direction of the beginning, and knead with hands or rubbing with the way can also be arrested.

Foot, from toe to knee the direction of the start of two efforts to push the palm of your hand with the way it does not matter捏揉. In particular, where the lower leg with both hands a massage捏揉better. In addition, the instep, shin bone and the soles of the feet facing palm, etc., depending on the icon you can massage.

② abdominal and backmassage

双掌in the abdomen with soft reduction, and knead in a clockwise direction.

Abdominal massage for the lack of exercise, the phenomenon of constipation often the elderly (patients) have an unexpected mystery. Continued to do every day, even if severe constipation, can also be cured slowly, so please do not interrupt massage.

Back to双掌flat on the waist to the shoulder bones of the direction of compression to the degree of pressure is felt.

In addition, the person in bed ill for a long time, will be back often acid, the pain, so sometimes have to spend a little time to give背脊骨means from the pressure, the patient may have a world of pleasure pain.

Back massage is essential to prevent the bedsore treatment. At the same time, the insomnia, Chronic奇效also不愈.

③ head massage

Practices and massage methods, such as icons.

Only, whether it is rubbing, beating, do not force a drastic one, because there may be scattered and thus the other hair, and even emotional deterioration occurs.

Not only have to massage the head, but also to help the other side neatly combed hair.

Massage and massage is a specialized role in the body so as to enhance and improve the body's physiological function, eliminate fatigue and injury prevention and treatment of a variety of operating practices. [Edit this paragraph]】 【characteristics Simple, does not require any special equipment, a significant effect, no side effects, cost-effective. [Edit this paragraph] 【massage and massage the contents and classification】

(A) the content of massage and Massage

1, swing-type approach: a method refers to Zen, all kinds of vibration, and rubbing method, a variety of jitter law. 2, friction-type approach: method, delivery method, rubbing method, scraping method, rubbing method, find law, Salisbury law. 3, extrusion-type way: by, point, pressure, pinch, pinch, grasp, and so bomb. 4, knock-type approach: a variety of pictures Act, strike laws, acupuncture law. 5, movement-type joints practices; various shaking method, plate,伸屈law, end of law, the top law. 6, composite-type approach: push Moldova law,按揉law, tremor law, point by law, led by the shaking method, rotation, shake by the law. 7, a specific way: external cardiac massage law back law, step Ji law.

(B) the classification of massage and Massage

Massage and Massage: Health of massage and massage, medical massage and massage Massage operation with the relevant term, terminology The palm of your hand, palm root, tiger's mouth, thenar, hypothenar, pulp, finger, metacarpophalangeal joints, and interphalangeal joint, wrist, forearm, upper arm,肘尖. Massage and Massage common practices


Massage with 17 kinds of commonly used massage methods: 1, method 2, wiping Act 3, rubbing Act 4, Act 5, kneading, rubbing Law 6, in accordance with Act 7, Mount Act 8, slap Act 9, Buffeting Act 10, the Rafah Win 11, using method 12, roll Act 13, Act 14, scratch, pinch Act 15, Act reinforced shells (shells mentioned Law) 16, Stubbs Law (sub-reinforcement method) 17, of the rationale for tendons Act (Act bars Shun)

Be Massage detailed information refer to:massage thai massage oil massage out call massage body massage massage service massage girl massage beijing massage shanghai massage guangzhoumassage nanjing massage guilin massage suzhou massage massage shanghai massage in shanghai oil massage in shanghai massage与推拿是专门作用于机体以提高和改善人体生理机能、消除疲劳和防治伤病的各种操作手法。

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