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Symphony Hall

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Top Ten Songs on Channel 80 Last Week:

1. The Taming of the ShrewHermann Goetz
1. The Battle of TrentonJames Hewitt
1. Violin Concerto NWolfgang Amadeus
1. Concerto GrossEllen Taaffe Zw
1. Symphony No. 7 inLudwig van Beethov
1. Piano Concerto NoJohann Sebastian B
1. Concerto for Harp,George Frideric Han
1. Flautino ConcertoAntonio Vivaldi
1. Sonata Quarta inJean Baptiste Mas
1. CanariosGaspar Sanz

Top Ten Artists on Channel 80 Last Week:

1. Wolfgang Amadeus M
1. Johann Sebastian Bach
1. Wolfgang Amadeus Mo
2. Ludwig van Beethove
2. Ludwig van Beethoven
2. Schubert - Miro Qt/Hai
2. Ludwig van Beethov
3. Johannes Brahms
3. Franz Joseph Haydn
4. Mozart / Concentus Mu

Programs scheduled on this channel:

Brian Atwood
John Silliman Dodge
Lauren Frey
Loren Toolajian
Marcia Young
Preston Trombly

Weekly Schedule for Channel 80
Editable Weekly Schedule for Channel 80
Recent Songs on Channel 80

Weekly Top 40 Artists and Songs Chart for Channel 80

Daily Depth and Breadth:

Weekly Depth and Breadth:

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