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Talk:Lynn Samuels

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I agree...Lynn Samuels is despicable. Shes not left wing progressive at all shes more of a left wing radical on the fringe. Its obvious shes a PUMA and her lesbian style fetish obsession with Hillary and her loss to get the nomination is sickening. What was funny today was to see that a caller also said that Hillary is a bought and paid for politician just like Obama was..and you should have heard her wrestling with her conscience to agree with that. Shes not objective at all shes a hit squad. Obviously she hasnt gotten the memo that This country rejected the Father Son Husband Wife power politics in this country. People wanted something different. Now that being said a year in Obama has made his share of mistakes but he has made a few accomplishments and still has 3 yrs to make significant progress and even I have wrote him saying hes needs to be tougher and take the lead and stop letting the his party and his other party obstruct his agenda. Either way shes a disgrace to left wing radio the rampant profanity the insulting callers the nasty dysfunctional ranting. All the while shes propping up 3rd parties and she must have missed the next memo Hillary would NEVER ever run 3rd....shes a coroporatist. Do yourself a favor Sirius LEFT get rid of her and save yourself the problem put her on Right wing radio where she belongs.

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